Argentina is the best place in the world for a true high volume duck shooting. Our Argentina duck hunting program offer a variety of duck species and some of the most beautiful ducks in all the world.

The Argentina Duck hunting trip experience is a must every waterfowler hunter should add to their bucket list—to take at leas tones in a life time. The number of ducks in Argentina absolutely crash your mind! Not than say the great cheff’s, exceptional wines, and the great staff of Blackriver Outfitters allows hunters to test the best of the best in southamerica watherfowl hunting.

About migration in Southamerica, each year Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil are the first to welcome the unique variety of migrating ducks throughout Southamerica. As the winter fronts begin, the large majority of early migrating species funnel the center of South America using both the Parana River and the Uruguay River as their guide north. For those reasons, the Argentina hunting for waterfowl is the best.

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