Fishing in Argentina

Río Gallegos

Bella Sofía Lodge



Bella Sofia Lodge is located 98 kilometres from Rio Gallegos airport in Argentina, in an area of Patagonia famed across the world for its first-class freshwater fly fishing opportunities for Trout and Sea Trout. The lodge started operating in 1995 and was an original pioneer, successfully introducing sea-run trout into the surrounding rivers; they were an inspiration to other operations in the region. Unfortunately, however, the lodge closed for eleven years due to a series of unfortunate events. That was until now, as finally, we’re delighted to announce that for 2023, they’re able to open their doors once again and start welcoming travelling rods from around the globe.

The lodge prides itself on fresh, delicious food and the evening meals consist of quality steaks, lamb and venison, with starters of warming soup of fresh salad. Lighter meals such as chicken, fish and seafood get served for supper, and in the mornings, for breakfast, there’s a range of homemade bread and local marmalades and an array of egg options.

Bella Sofia Lodge features four single occupancy bedrooms and one large double occupancy bedroom, all with en-suite bathrooms to provide a comfortable, homely experience.