Estancia Tango IN PAYSANDU is the best dove hunting lodge in URUGUAY. Our 2,000 acres of private property house the largest dove roost in Uruguay with more than 80 million doves roosting on or flying over our property at any given moment. There is nowhere else in the world that one can experience this caliber of dove hunting in a great friendly lodge, gaucho style setting. This is what Argentina dove hunting in South America do not has to offer in comparission with uruguay. Just friendly lodges with acces to virgin territory. However we do lack of great pieons. Thats somethig we may said is not on our best location. For great pigeons we need to drive to Punta del Este. East of Uruguay.


  • Roost with millions of birds located CLOSE TO our property, within a 5 TO 45 minute drive from the lodge.
  • Most shooting grounds surround paysandu the property between the lodge and roost – many within 5 minute drive from the main house.
  • No long drives and no achy bodies – except sore shoulders for high volume shooters.
  • Easy access means you have time to relax and enjoy GOURMET lunches at the lodge, an afternoon siesta, a refreshing swim in the pool or a revitalizing sports massage.
  • Ride with Nacho and Horacio hour host gracios owners is just an experience it self!!.