Mixed Bag Hunting in Uruguay

Many hunters love the opportunity to have a mixed bag hunt, meaning they are able to hunt and pursue more than one species on the trip. This allows you to get many more opportunities and successful hunts as you are not limited to just one animal or fish. If this sounds like fun, then a mixed bag trip to Uruguay should be on your radar!

Uruguay is a sportsman’s paradise. There are so many different animals and fish to pursue, you could easily spend an unlimited amount of time here all while enjoying the beautiful scenery and culture. Hunters head here from all over the world in order to hunt things like perdiz (a bird similar to a partridge) ducks, doves, and fishing for golden dorado. 

The best part about a mixed bag hunt for these species? There are very liberal bag limits and endless opportunities. You can get yourself 10 perdiz, 20 ducks, unlimited doves, and unlimited catch and release of the golden dorados on the amazing Uruguayan waters. There are plenty of these species to go around, and absolutely no shortage of opportunities to fill your bag limits!

Mixed bag hunting does not get as much recognition as it should, especially since it can be one of the most enjoyable and best outdoor experiences of your life. When it comes to mixed bag hunting, there is no other place like Uruguay!