Friends on the field, Blackriver Companions.

Black River Outfitters would like to introduce some valuable members of our hunting team. For Perdiz hunting, a good pointing dog is a necessity for success. We have German Braco, Brittany Spaniels, and English Setters for perdiz hunting.

These highly trained hunting dogs are kept year round despite only a 3 month season to ensure quality performance year after year.

In addition to pointing dogs, Blackriver has a chocolate lab puppy named "LATTE", who is undergoing training to be ready for the upcoming season. Latte looks to be a great addition to the Blackriver Team for many years to come and he looks forward in retrieving birds for you!

Our Dogs


Male 4 years old.
Retriever best friendly "Nacho's puppy".

Our Dogs


Female 6 years old.
Easy & great perdiz dog.

Our Dogs


Female 8 years old.
Nervios & professional.

Our Dogs


Male 9 years old.
Outstanding with perdiz
never give up.