Why hunt with us?.

Since 17th years Blackriver Outfitters is a premium Company delivering great dove hunts mix bag hunts and duck as well as Golden dorado fishing we have had provide incredible experiences for Americans europeans and other hunters and anglers from all over around the world.

Hundreds of hunters and anglers as well as general sportsmen have shot with us and again return to our Lodges and Company to acces to million doves and perdiz as well as variety of duck hunting and great dog perform.

Our hospitality and great programs have been leader in Uruguay for many years. We want to extend our sincerely condolences for those that loose his trip Schedule or those looking for a new date to choose for 2021 and even those looking to plan something in the near future.

We are concern regarding the future and present of the entire hunting industry and we would like to invite all to book 2021 dove hunts and well as duck hunts in uruguay pigeons and perdiz hunts we are looking for dates and hope we can start soon to arrange 2021!.

From the field we are taking care of all details possible to avoid any issues for those still look for a spot in 2021. What is Mix Bag?